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I make VFX assets for Unity

Unity strives for innovation and I keep a close eye on them. As I've been developing my game, I've fallen in love with Visual Effect Graph. In combination with Shader Graph and their latest improvements, Visual Effect Graph is overshadowing older Shuriken particle system in almost all use cases.

Visual Effect Graph doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves in the Asset Store. That's why I decided to offer my packages with its great features implemented.


This pack contains effects that most games have in common: missiles, healing, buffs, jumping, mighty detonations and other. It's suitable for all game genres.
» Available on Unity Asset Store

Shields & Defense

Advanced fantasy and sci-fi shields with Intersection and Fade effects. Deflection effect is also included so this is a full featured kit.
» Available on Unity Asset Store

Missiles & Explosions

Ordinary VFX explosions are boring. Where are mighty shockwaves or wicked skulls? If you're looking for spectacular explosions and missiles that create them, this is the right pack for you.
» Available on Unity Asset Store

Dissolve & Teleport

Make dissolve, teleportation or materialization stand out in your game with advanced VFX. Effects can be customized to your exact liking!
» Available on Unity Asset Store

Characters & Artifacts

Let your characters revel in unbridled energy or bind them with an ancient curse. These advanced VFX will also adapt to your various weapons, powerups and other artifacts.
» Available on Unity Asset Store

Custom VFX for your game

Are you looking for something else? Let's discuss contract work (VFX Graph + Shader Graph). Don't forget to send details of what the effect should look like and your Unity version.
Feel free to contact me: